The release of jquery.gss-0.2.0.js brings a new approach to my Google Search Services. With this release, I've restructured the package to include straightforward, well-documented defaults. In addition, I've cut down on the amount of options available. I did this mainly because there was so much overhead with the previous version. Briefly, in version 0.1.3, I covered the entire Google AJAX Search API Searcher, SearchControl, DrawOptions, and SearcherOptions functionality. I've revised this to include only the basics for simplicity.

In addition, for this major restructure I've also only included the GoogleWebSearch object in this release.

Here is the options object which is extended by whatever you pass in as parameters.

 var o = jQuery.extend({
                execute : "",              //executes query for string on load
                siteRestriction : "",   //limits search scope to domain, ""
                queryAddition : "",     //appends string to user query
                resultSetSize : "",     //how many results to return, {"small", "large"}
                linkTarget : "_blank",  //how to open links, {"_blank", "_self", "_parent"}
                drawMode : "",          //how to structure multiple searchers - more to come, {"linear", "tabbed"}
                resultsRoot : this[0],  //html element to stick results in, use document.getElementById or $()[0]
                expandMode : "open"     //how many results to show, {"closed", "open", "partial"}
            }, opts);

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